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John Meyers

Plein Air Artist

about the artist

John Meyers is a Plein Air artist who lives in a small coastal community on the Chesapeake Bay called East Beach.  His paintings most often depict the rhythmic movement of water, ever changing reflections of light and color, and the feelings of a salty atmosphere and effortless wellbeing.  A native of the Mission San Jose district of California, and a frequent traveler to the Georgia O’Keeffe area of Northern New Mexico, John’s paintings also reflect the sentient nature of structures and landscapes, with particular awareness brought to bear in his meaningful cloud formations.

Picturesque marine and seascapes, tranquil morning haze, contemplative reflections, and endless skies are all brought to life with a narrative that tends to draw you into his experience.

John has studied under the late Bea Kuhlke, who was a prolific and popular impressionistic painter and teacher in South Carolina.  Kuhlke’s tutelage is reflected in John’s use of color as well as his ability to capture the essence of a scene as if someone had just caught a glimpse of it.  

John derives great pleasure from painting and even greater pleasure from knowing that his paintings have the potential to bring joy to others.